Tier on tier shutters in the United Kingdom

Double hung or tier on tier shutters are made particularly for your needs to get covers for the whole door or window, and come in two panels; the bottom and top panels. This design enables you to keep the top part open and folded back and at the same time keeps the bottom part closed for privacy. You can also open the bottom panel to have a complete access to your window. This shutter style provides you with privacy and at the same time permit much more light into the house.

A great range of designs

S:craft tier on tier shutters are very popular in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. They come in several designs such as the New England, the Manhattan, the Soho and the New York design among others. The solid shutter design is also available and comes with classic features. Let us look at the details of each of the options mentioned above so that you can be in a good position to place your order in accordance with your requirements and preferences.


1. The New England design

The New England design provides you with shutters made in the conventional (traditional) style and come with plantation tilt-rods meant for opening and closing the blades. The New England design, in a white painted finish, offers you a timeless elegance as far as your home interior is concerned. You are also at liberty to choose a vibrant color in case you want to add a fabulous focal point and get a color scheme altogether.

Like with the Soho and Manhattan designs, the New England shutters have blades that can be closed in the top position and reflect the natural. Light into your house while still allowing you the privacy that you deserve. You can also adjust the light coming into your room anytime you wish. The New England shutters have blades of six different sizes. The biggest size is 115 mm followed by 89 mm, 75 mm, 64 mm, 47 mm and 32 mm respectively. This design of shutters also comes with two stile alternatives. That is the flat stiles and the molded stiles. These stile options allow the shutters to fit well into any traditional or contemporary home.

2. Manhattan shutter design

The Manhattan shutters design creates a contemporary appearance with its stylish, clean lines. The Manhattan shutters are made with entirely covered tilting mechanisms that are hidden within stiles, letting the blades to close and open easily by tilting any two blades to make them move together. Like the Soho and the New England designs, the Manhattan blades can be closed in the top part, and can reflect the natural light (as seen earlier) back into your house and still provide you with the privacy you want. Again you can adjust the amount of light that you want to your room. The Manhattan design offers you different sizes of blades beginning with the 64 mm size, followed by the 75 mm, the 89 mm, and the 115 mm respectively.

3. The Soho shutter design

The Soho window shutters actually a bold statement of style especially because of their clean and uncluttered lines. This design also offers you a contemporary and architectural appearance with its flat slite and the concealed tilt mechanism just like the Manhattan design. The Soho shutters blades are rebated (joined) into each other to give you panels that ultra sleek. Again just like in the Manhattan and new England design, the Soho blades can be closed in the top section, and can reflect the natural light (from the sun or otherwise) back into your house or room and at the same time ensure that you get the privacy that you desire as well as adjustable light. All you have to do, so as to close or open the blades, is to tilt two blades (simply), and they will definitely move altogether.

The Soho shutters are available in four different sizes of blade ranging from the 64 mm, the 75 mm, the 89 mm to 115 mm blades. You can get the Soho blades finished in any color, fabric or faux suede, faux leather covering, natural wood or the sandblasted effect. The Soho shutters are also available with stiles that are flat that sit well with the blades to fit into contemporary environments.

4. The New York shutter design

The New York shutter design is an exclusive architectural design featuring deep and angled blades that can be closed in the lower section. The New York shutter blades, when open, create a fascinating shadow line and can reflect the natural light (back into your room) and still provide you with privacy and the liberty to adjust the light.

The New York shutters are made with completely covered tilting mechanisms, concealed within the stiles. To close or open the blades, you just tilt two blades, as with the New England and Soho designs, and all will move t0ogerther.The New York shutters feature blades that are angular-shaped available in three different sizes. That is the 74, 99 and the 125 mm blade size.

5. Solid tier to tier shutters

The solid tier to tier shutters can be utilized in more than one ways. You can use them as doors, window coverings, free-standing screens or room dividers. Solid shutters, as a model design feature, provide solar shading and privacy throughout your home. Solid shutters, like any other tier and tier shutter, will help you keep in (retain) heat in the winter months.


The designs discussed above aren’t different types of wood. They are made, not from craft or MDF woods but high-quality timber. The various shutters from tier and tier come with paint finishes with different sheen levels, stains or any color. They can also be made from a broad variety of wood species. The solid tulipwood shutters can be painted to blend with any color.

The tier to tier shutters can also be made with any stile width and any rail depth(the bottoms, middles and the tops of shutters).the tier and tier customer service give plenty of advice and help to their clients during their orders to make sure their shutters are designed according to their requirements and specifications.

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